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Annabelle Müller

Short Vita
Annabelle Müller (she/her) studied Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.) in Lüneburg and Bodø, Norway and Human Geography (M.Sc.) in Bonn. Her thesis dealt with more- than-human entanglements in the home. She now holds a position as a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary Research Training Group “Fixing Futures. Technologies of Anticipation” at Goethe University Frankfurt a. M. Her research interests revolve around everyday geographies, more-than-human ethnographies and geographies of home.

Project Description
In the face of rising summer temperatures in Europe due to global climate change, the influence of the urban heat island effect increases in relevance and thus increases heat-induced vulnerabilities in urban areas. This project proposes a multi-scalar approach to unpack the effect of anticipated climate future(s) on societies on the scale of the body: more specifically, it will look at (urban) heat waves and the effects they have on especially vulnerable, aged and ageing bodies in order to answer the overarching question: How do anticipated future(s) of climate change as an actant alter socio-natural systems of home through homemaking practices in regard to intersectional vulnerabilities? Microgeographies and body politics will be combined with the perspective of infrastructures and networks of care as an approach to ‘technologies of anticipation’ to show how societal developments and decisions influence the individual scope of action and to investigate the way in which the effects of climate change are distributed unevenly throughout societies and social groups.