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Justine Leret

Short Vita
Justine holds a Masters Degree in Environmental studies from Paris, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales. She took part in the Wageningen University project Embodied Ecologies as a research assistant. Her research interests include feminist theory of reproductive labor, discard studies, and toxic care work.

Project Description
Soils are more than inert grounds: they are shaped by history and by economic and social relationships to the land. Based on recent research in microbiology, it is suggested than soils could “regenerate” to overcome land degradation, remove industrial carbon from the atmosphere, and mitigate climate change. This PhD project will explore the eco-modernist promises associated with living soils through collaboration with people committed to producing knowledge on and fostering regenerative practices in agriculture. It aims at studying how scientific understanding of “life” materializes through market devices and EU policies in the fields, landscapes and farm work.