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Thomas Scheffer

Short Vita
Thomas is Professor for Sociology with a focus on interpretative social research at the Goethe University Frankfurt (GUF). With his research on a foreigners’ office, the German asylum procedure, the English criminal defence law/procedures, MPs’ offices and the municipal police, he has offered new concepts in studying state apparatuses-in-action, including their conditioned problem-solving capacities and their problem-producing power effects. His ethnographic case studies focus on the members’ methodical and strategic work invested into discourse contributions, including the arrangements, demands and formations of those contributions. With his “trans-sequential analysis” (TSA), Scheffer has developed an undogmatic, sociological ethnomethodology that combines affirmation and critique by reaching out to the collectively pressing “existential problems”. Currently, Scheffer is the spokesperson of the qualitative research section of the German Sociological Association and Director of the Sociology Department at the GUF.

Project Description
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