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Vicky Kluzik

Short Vita
She studied Political Science, Economics, and Cultural Studies in Munich, Paris, and Berlin, and completed an M.A. in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. After her studies, she worked at the OECD and at the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law at the University of Aberdeen. In September 2020, she assumed her current position as a Research Associate in the „Biotechnologies, Nature, and Society“ Research Group in the Institute of Sociology at Goethe University, Frankfurt. Her research interests range from social theory, STS, political economy, and feminism to human geography.

Project Description
In my thesis, I am working on a genealogy of the political economy of nature. Focusing on the period between the late 1960s and the present, it examines the history of market-based approaches to integrating nature into circuits of capital. Drawing on rich and diverse scholarly work rooted in social theory, political economy, STS, and feminist and postcolonial correctives, I examine the conflation of the contradictory constellations of actors, discourses, and institutions invested in the valuation of ecosystems, how nature has become (I) calculable (II) governable and (III) investable throughout a time span of 50 years. I argue that the salvational grammar of biosolutionism, that is the regime of governing environmental crises with the adaptation of (bio-)economic solutions to contemporary societal challenges under conditions of uncertainty, is fueled by the expansion of finance as a world-making force and speculative future-making practices against the backdrop of the crisis of the Anthropocene.